Embracing ambiguity: Ambiguity as an emerging design pattern

Contemporary phisical-digital ecosystems surpass our capability to fully understand and predict their behavior: openness and unpredictability are emerging patterns challenging the design of today. Embracing ambiguity — embracing the possibility of not understanding exactly how the pieces fit together — means designing systems that surpass our expectations of them; it means leaving the idea of the information architect as a producer of well-defined artifacts and embracing on the contrary that of the information architect as an enabler.

The Architecture of Information: Information Architecture in the post-web age

Information architecture isn’t about designing websites anymore. Better, isn’t about single products or artifacts anymore. The scenario in which information architecture operated in the late 1990s has eroded its channel-specific connotation as a website-only, inductive activity, so as to become a multi-disciplinary sense-making cultural construct concerned with the structural integrity of meaning in complex, information-based cross-channel ecosystems.