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Information is going everywhere, bleeding out of we thought was cyberspace and back into the real world: increasingly, many tasks we perform every day not only constantly require us to move between different media, but actually have us move from the digital to the physical environment and back.

Computation is everywhere, and so are search and interaction. It's time to move beyond the computer screen to design information space in these new ubiquitous ecologies.

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Embracing ambiguity: Ambiguity as an emerging design pattern

Contemporary phisical-digital ecosystems surpass our capability to fully understand and predict their behavior: openness and unpredictability are emerging patterns challenging the design of today. Embracing ambiguity — embracing the possibility of not understanding exactly how the pieces fit together — means designing systems that surpass our expectations of them; it means leaving the idea of the information architect as a producer of well-defined artifacts and embracing on the contrary that of the information architect as an enabler.

February 27, 2014

From Peter Morville's Foreword

"an ingenious collection of medium-independent heuristics to guide the complex decisions that lie ahead ... a map to the future of cross-channel design."

-- Peter Morville