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Andrea Resmini

andrea resmini

Andrea is an information architect with FatDUX, a UX firm with headquarters in Copenhagen, and a researcher at the University of Borås, Sweden.

An ICT professional since 1989 and a practising information architect since 1999,Andrea holds a PhD in Legal Informatics and a MA in Architecture and Industrial Design, and he is currently President of the Information Architecture Institute.

He’s a frequent speaker at European and international conferences, teaches a few courses, pretends to play the piano, reads far too many books, chairs the Italian IA Summit, and co-founded the Journal of Information Architecture and the European center for user experience.

His web site is andrearesmini.com.

Luca Rosati

luca rosati

Luca is a free-lance information architect and adjunct professor of IA and HCI at University for Foreigners of Perugia, Italy. One of Italy’s pioneer in IA field, he has been a speaker at several international conferences — including EuroIA, the IA Summit, and HCI International.

Luca is the co-author of the book Organizing Knowledge: From Libraries to Information Architecture for the Web (Tecniche Nuove, 2006) and the author of Information Architecture: From Everyday things to the Web (Apogeo, 2007).

Luca is also part of the EuroIA Organizing Committee, sits on the Italian IA Summit Board, and is editor for the Journal of Information Architecture. He strongly supports a holistic approach to IA and the application of IA to everyday environments.

His website is lucarosati.it.