Building a Sense of Place across Channels

This is the subject of the workshop Pervasive Information Architectures: Building a Sense of Place across Channels Andrea will take at EuroIA 2012, Sept 25 in beautiful Rome, Italy.

The way we make sense of the world is largely dependent on the fact that we are embodied beings, with a physical body of a certain size and characteristics: then how do we design the increasingly fragmented, disembodied, information-based journeys we all experience everyday across a varying number of devices and channels?

Enter pervasive information architectures and place-making in cross-channel user experience design. After a brief but in-depth introduction to the basic concepts, ideas, and tools, we will work in 30-40 minutes stints, in groups, with plenty of short hands-on exercises to drive the ideas home. Our rough schedule:

  • Introduce cross-channel user experiences and pervasive information architectures
  • Identify where current experiences going across channels fail
  • Make the point that “being there” is a powerful way for us to make sense of our experiences, to understand, and that this is what translates to the idea of “place”.
  • Bring it home: what does this mean to UX / IA? How can I build a place with information? How can you successfully implement “place” across different channels? What “tools” are necessary?
  • Install place-making as the core heuristic approach that can lead to better cross-channel UX, and explain, through examples, how it can be deployed successfully.

Mind you: no computers will be harmed in the course of the workshop: this is strictly a pen and paper learning activity.

It’s a medium-to-advanced kind of thing and you can check it out and register on the website.