What is it all about?

It’s about a book. The book offers a new angle on information architecture and user experience. What angle?

Well, think about buying an item on your personal wish list. You might have read about in a magazine, now you want to buy it. You visit a reseller’s website for specific details, check your social networks for prices or reviews, and finally drive or walk to the closest or most convenient store to finalize the purchase. Then you have registrations, updates, and add-ons. You are off and on the grid and then off and on again.

Digital information is bleeding out of cyberspace and back into the real world: Internet access is being commoditized and moves into cellphones and hand-held devices; social networks go mobile and constantly connect physically separated users: information has become pervasive, networking is everywhere.

The boundaries are blurring, but we have no common cognitive frame of reference for interacting seamlessly across the different environments. And since the interaction patterns change, users have to adapt, constantly. We say it’s time to move.

  • Move from designing products to designing services, processes, and ecosystems
  • Move from designing interfaces to designing interactions
  • Move from designing spaces to designing ubiquitous ecologies.

The book presents a holistic, heuristics- and methodology-driven approach to information architecture and user experience for the design of ubiquitous ecologies, emergent systems where old and new media and physical and digital environments are designed, delivered, and experienced as a seamless whole.

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