Related papers

Some papers anticipating the book ideas.


Information architecture for ubiquitous ecologies. Proceedings of the International ACM Conference on Management of Emergent Digital EcoSystems (Lyon, 2009. Also available at:

The Semantic Environment: Heuristics for a Cross-Context Human-Information Interaction Model. In The Engineering of Mixed Reality Systems, Dubois et al. (Eds.), Springer, Chapter 4.


Semantic Retail: Towards a Cross-Context Information Architecture. Knowledge Organization 35 1, 5-15.


Architettura dell’informazione: Trovabilt√† dagli oggetti quotidiani al Web (Information Architecture: From Everyday Things to the Web). Milano: Apogeo.

From Physical to Digital Environments (and Back): Towards a cross-context information architecture. In Translating Information Architecture: Proceedings of the Europe’s Third Information Architecture Summit, 162-170.

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